Rules for Whisperball

Played on a racquetball/handball court

The “Whisperball” is a foam ball

Played with a racquetball racquet

The server stands inside the rectangle box formed by the red lines

A legal serve:  the ball is bounced on the floor one time, struck with the racquet, must contact the front wall first and the first bounce on the floor must be behind the front line of the box.

The receiver may strike the ball in the air, after the first bounce or after the second bounce.  Returning it to the front wall, it may hit a side wall or ceiling as long as it makes contact with the front wall before it bounces on the floor.  After contacting the front wall it then must rebound (may contact the ceiling or side wall) toward the back wall passing the front red line (of the box) by the second bounce.

The rally is played by players alternating hitting the ball in a legal manner until one player is unable to return the ball in a legal manner.  A point is scored by the person who made the return that was unable to be returned in a legal manner regardless of who served (rally scoring). 

Games are to 11 points.

Bounce:  Contact with the floor

Rally scorning:  A point is scored after each rally

Dead ball:  When the rally is over.

Remember SAFETY FIRST:  Please attach the tether of your racquet to your wrist.   If you think there may be a chance that your racquet may hit someone, PLEASE DO NOT SWING the racquet.  This is called a safety hinder and the rally is played over.  Also, after the ball is dead, please do not swing at the ball until the next rally.

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