The game of Whisperball  (formerly Wacquetball) is similar to racquetball but is designed to slow the game down for seniors, handicapped, and younger kids.  Whisperball is fun, great exercise and can be very competitive.  A foam Whisperball  is used  to help slow the game down and  does not hurt when hit like a racquetball.  The following link, showing seniors playing Whisperball  in a news story.

Club owners:  Utilize your courts all day!  Seniors and handicapped have the time to occupy the courts during the middle of the day and racquetball players use courts morning and evening.  The program started with local Silver Sneakers players and they continue to be avid fans using courts late morning and early afternoon.

Racquetball Players:  Help introduce Whisperball to athletic clubs, YMCA, in senior centers and places

that  handicapped can utilize for fun and exercise.  Empty courts during the middle of the day is why we are loosing courts nation wide.  Help save the sport of racquetball.   Introduce Whisperball in every facility you can and send suggestions that may help others in introducing Whisperball in other areas. 

Whisperball can help keep courts open. for whisperball.htm form.htm